Author archives: Ms Veerle Cornand

EPF Advocacy Leaflet including key data and Green Deal objectives for wood-based panels

EPF published its Advocacy Leaflet, prepared in the framework of our high-level advocacy strategy. We believe that this document, which is a folded and double-sided 4 pager (A5 size), will bring greater visibility for the wood-based panels industry towards key decision-makers and other stakeholders. We will use it in our Green Deal discussions in Brussels, and also welcome you to employ it in your national discussions.

The Leaflet presents our industry through some key factual data and visual supports while promoting some of our industry achievements. It also presents our concrete policy proposals as elaborated in our Position Paper on the European Green Deal, namely:

– Secure the supply for wooden raw materials and guarantee a level playing field;
– Increase the use of sustainable bio-based products and systems to fight climate change;
– Stimulate the cascading use of harvested wood products;
– Enable users to choose climate friendly materials.