Role Model Industry

Transforming Europe into a net zero economy

With an annual turnover of about €25 billion and the creation of over 100,000 jobs directly in Europe, our industry, being an integral and innovative part of the EU’s bio and circular economies, embodies a role model.

  • Our carbon-storing products increasingly use recycled materials in affordable everyday applications. EPF’s members are highly committed to ensure efficient, circular and optimal use of wood-based panel materials. The EPF Advocacy Leaflet presents our industry through some key factual data, policy proposals and visual supports.
  • EPF has engaged actively with New European Bauhaus since its inception in 2021 and is still leading the way on such transformational projects.

EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira applauds EPF’s commitment to becoming a Role Model Industry

We rely on all of you, from across Europe, to continue this tremendous energy of innovative and creative sustainable solutions. Because wood panelling has a key contribution to make: we need versatile, and sustainable, building materials. And we welcome your commitment to becoming a “role model industry” in terms of carbon neutrality and circularity. EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira

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  • EPF is proud to be part of the Coalition for Circular Choices. In December 2021, Cepi, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, approached EPF to be one of a core group in a new wood, paper and fibre sector coalition. The main objective was to develop a set of policy recommendations for the next European Commission 2024-2029. The Coalition was officially launched on 28 March 2023 [Press Release].

Following multiple discussions with partners, the Coalition released the strategic document ‘Circular Choices for a Competitive EU Bioeconomy – Growing a circular future’, with a set of policy recommendations for a net zero EU 2050 [Executive Summary].

With this Coalition, we do urge policy makers to work with us to place industry, especially the circular bioeconomy, at the heart of the social, economic and environmental transition.

  • A safe and fulfilling workplace environment to continuously attract the best talents and to train them is central to EPF’s Role Model Industry ambitions. In our sector, companies mainly rely on values and safety production processes based on:
    • advanced technologies
    • high-level measuring and check controls
    • resource efficiency
    • circularity

Innovation is at the heart of our members’ priorities, striving to manufacture products which propose versatile, resistant, and green solutions to consumers. Our manufacturers are pioneers, undertaking research and experimentation in laboratory, pilot and industrial environments to deliver first-class products.

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