EcoReFibre Project

The EcoReFibre project, funded by Horizon Europe (May 2022 – April 2026), explores smart technologies to recycle post-consumer waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products.

EcoReFibre aims to increase available wood resources in Europe through recycling. The ambition is to substitute up to 25% of the virgin fibres currently used in the European fibreboard market. The project demonstrates how this upscaling of circular technologies can become possible.

5 highly promising pilots, involving leading panel manufacturers, are launched to demonstrate how Circular Economy approaches linked with innovative and digital-supported technologies will ensure the supply of secondary raw materials.

EPF is co-leading together with Innovawood the communication and dissemination phase to ensure a broad spreading of results and recommendations, fostering links to many EU-level networks and national clusters.

EU funded EcoReFibre project releases its first Video on 27 February 2024

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