PRESS RELEASE The EPF Annual Report 2021-2022

Brussels, July 2022 – The European Panel Federation, representing the European manufacturers of particleboard, MDF, OSB, hardboard, softboard and plywood, is proud to present the 24th issue of its Annual Report published on the occasion of its Managing Board Meeting on 29 June 2022.

This reference handbook for the wood-based panels industry in Europe and globally, which is also available electronically on USB-card, covers the following chapters:

  • Position of the Western European wood-based panels industry within the woodworking industry
  • The particleboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and plywood industries in the EPF member countries in 2021 – Facts and figures
  • The particleboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and plywood industries in other parts of the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and USA)
  • User Industries (building, furniture, flooring materials)
  • Trade issues including Customs Tariffs, the Harmonised System and the New Combined Nomenclature
  • Technical, Environmental and High-Level Advocacy Issues

The special topics for the 2021/22 issue are:“Time for Timber” – The COP26 Manifesto of the European Woodworking Industries by Mr Paul Brannen, Public Affairs Manager for CEI-Bois and former Member of the European Parliament

  • The Positive Climate Contribution of Wood: 20% and rising…..
  • EU Biomass Use in a Net-Zero Economy: An independent consultant’s startling viewpoints

The book also includes maps showing the location of all particleboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and plywood factories in all countries covered.

A booklet is provided together with the EPF Annual Report, which contains the list of all particleboard, MDF, OSB, hardboard, softboard and plywood producers affiliated to EPF, with their product specialisation and full contact details. It also lists the national EPF member associations, the associated EPF members and the institutes collaborating with EPF.

You are most welcome to purchase a printed copy of the EPF Annual Report 2021/2022 + USB-card at the price of 1950 EUR and the EPF Annual Report 2020/2021 + 2021/2022 at the price of 2050 EUR (prices without VAT).

The detailed table of contents can be found here and an order form here.

Press Release: EPF reports strong 2021 results but is cautious for 2022, launches 5 Strategic Directions, announces Board changes, and rings in an era of sustainability at their AGM 2022 in Ghent

Brussels, 1 July 2022

EPF, the European Wood-based Panels Federation, proudly welcomed more than 150 participants to its AGM 2022 on 29 June -1 July in Ghent Belgium.  The gathering was wonderfully hosted by EPF National Association member Fedustria, the Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries and its member companies UNILIN and Norbord West Fraser Belgium.


EPF was delighted to announce strong results from 2021, with an overall production increase of 9.8%.  All product types recorded increases from the previous year, and each exceeded pre-pandemic levels, showing the resilience of the sector and the growing interest of the public in nature-based materials such as panels.  However, it was noted that these results should be treated with caution in terms of how 2022 might develop.

Mr Martin Brettenthaler, EPF Chairman, commented: “Like the city of Ghent, our sector has always been innovative, dynamic and sustainable.  I am confident that this will help us to find opportunity in today’s turmoil, but this is no longer business as usual.  That is why we need our politicians to help secure the energy we need, and the wood we require, but not by burning the latter to supply the former.  That is not the solution either in the long, medium or short-term”.

5 Strategic Directions

Mr Martin Brettenthaler, Chairman, launched EPF’s 5 new Strategic Directions: Role Model Industry, Climate, Wood Availability, Harmonisation and Regulation.  These were accompanied by a short video and a fact sheet and may now be found on EPF’s website:  The 5 Strategic Directions are the focus areas of EPF’s work in the coming years.



EPF’s General Assembly accepted the resignation of Mr Bernard Thiers, CEO of UNILIN as Vice-Chairman and Managing Board Member, thanking him warmly for his many valuable years of service and support.  Replacing Mr Thiers, Mr Pablo Figueroa López, Executive Committee member of FINSA, was chosen as the new Vice-Chairman and Mrs Veronique Hoflack, President of UNILIN Panels, was elected to the Managing Board.

Era of sustainability

Despite the turbulent times bringing a multitude of challenges, EPF looks forward to playing its role as a role model industry in the economy, in the environment and in society during the coming years.  This was symbolised by the ringing of the wood-based panels bell by Mr Brettenthaler and Mrs Hoflack.  With this, EPF hopes to usher in a new era of sustainability in construction, furniture, packaging and other markets served by innovative, climate-smart wood-based panels.

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Press release: EPF rings in a new era of sustainability with a wooden bell

Brussels, 29 June 2022

The start of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of EPF, the European Panel Federation, will be marked by the inauguration of a wooden bell made entirely from wood-based panels by the arborist Ben Vanden Berghe. The EPF AGM 2022 takes place in Ghent from 29 June to 1 July.

By ringing this bell, EPF and Fedustria, the Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries and this year’s host of the AGM, intend to kick off a new era of sustainability in construction, furniture, packaging and other markets served by innovative wood-based panels.  As well as being active contributors to climate change mitigation through natural long-term carbon storage, these products from sustainable sources fit perfectly into the circular economy and optimise resource efficiency through the cascading use of wood. They represent both our past, and our way ahead.

Today, only 45% of Europe’s wood goes to material use. EPF calls on regulators, EU Institutions and consumers to embrace nature-based materials, to prefer the cascading use of wood and thus to drive this usage up to at least 60%. The era of sustainability is upon us.

As EPF Chairman Martin Brettenthaler stressed: “Together with our members and in the traditional yet progressive city of Ghent, the wood-based panels sector, a role model European industry, is proud to ring in the start of an exciting future.”


Press Release: Programme of the European Wood-Based Panels Symposium on 13-14 October 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

Brussels, 2 June 2022

Following the great success of the previous Wood-Based Panel Symposia, EPF is organising the 12th edition of this Technical Conference again this year following the regretful cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the COVID19 pandemic and the restrictions that made such a large gathering impossible.

The Symposium is again intended to serve as a forum for the wood-based panels industry, supplying industries, technology providers, consultancies, research, education and training institutes from Europe and beyond. This symposium will again be organised in co-operation with WKI-Fraunhofer Institut für Holzforschung and with the support of iVTH and Hywax (formerly Sasol Wax). The event will take place in the Grand Elysée Hotel in the centre of Hamburg, Germany, on 12-14 October 2022.

The event will be opened by plenary presentations by EPF Chairman and SWISS KRONO Group CEO Mr Martin Brettenthaler and Mr Edi Snaidero, Chairman of the European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC) followed by a speech by the Managing Director of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), Mr Jori Ringman. We are also happy to announce that Prof Dr Tunga Salthammer from Fraunhofer WKI will present a critical review on the TVOC value during the 2nd day of the conference.

For the full programme, please click Here.

For more information and registration, please visit the website .

EcoReFibre Press Release: European Wood-Based Panels Industry scales up end-of-life recycling and circular use of recovered wood

Horizon Europe project EcoReFibre explores smart sorting and processing technologies to recycle post-consumer waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products. Five highly promising pilots with leading panel manufacturers are launched to demonstrate how Circular Economy approaches linked with innovative, digital-supported technologies will enable security of raw material supplies. EcoReFibre’s aim is to increase available wood resources in Europe.

For full Press Release, click EcoReFibre Press Release

Press Release: EPF speaks at the WoodCircus Conference presenting its White Paper 2040 with policy recommendations on 1 December 2021

Brussels, 7 December 2021

 To present its White Paper 2040, the Horizon 2020 WoodCircus consortium organised a Policy Conference on 1 December 2021 in Brussels where both EPF’s Managing Director, Mr Clive Pinnington and EPF’s Technical Director, Mr Kris Wijnendaele were panellists.

EPF is delighted to be part of the WoodCircus project which is funded by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 programme to underpin the vital role of the forest-based sector in the circular bioeconomy. The White Paper 2040 presents the European woodworking industries as the green engine of sustainable growth and develops six Maxims with clear policy recommendations for decisionmakers. The Maxims call for targeted actions engaging all stakeholders to accelerate the transition of the woodworking industries and the entire European economy towards decarbonisation, inclusivity, and sustainable success.

As stated by Mr Clive Pinnington during the panel debate: “The wood-based panels industry is a role model industry for climate change mitigation and material efficiency through cascade use and circularity. For instance, particleboards can be made up to 100% from recovered wood and industrial by-products. We can actively promote such circular nature-based solutions more and more in wood-based panels to help turn the construction sector into a carbon sink through initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus. The technology is here, the skillset is here, the knowledge is here. The EU woodworking industries are global champions. We should embrace it.”

Mr Kris Wijnendaele concluded the event with call for action highlighting that “We should maximise biogenic carbon through storage in harvested wood products that not only store carbon but can also substitute energy intensive materials. We have climate positive materials that can help reach the net zero ambition.”


Language versions of the White Paper:

Italian / Polish / SwedishEnglishFrench / Spanish / Dutch / Baski

Cascade use and Circularity are central themes in WoodCircus White Paper

We are very pleased to share with you the WoodCircus White Paper: “European Woodworking Industries are the green engine of sustainable  growth”. The paper, with its 6 Maxims, highlights how the woodworking industries are pioneers of circularity and carbon neutrality.  We are delighted to point out that cascading is specifically mentioned in the second Maxim.

The White Paper will be central to the WoodCircus conference next week where EPF will speak and moderate.  This event will take place on 1 December 2021 starting at 4pm.  Registrations can still be made here, and are warmly welcomed.  WoodCircus is an EU funded project of which EPF is a partner.  The project underpins the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bioeconomy.

Press Release: EPF announces -2.1% result for European wood-based panels in 2020. Compares favourably to GDP (-6.1%) due to market share gains.

Brussels, 16 June 2021

 At its Press Conference held on 15 June 2021 by videoconference, the European Wood-based Panels Federation (EPF) announced a decline in production of -2.1% during 2020. It was noted that this was a noticeably smaller drop than GDP (-6.1%) due to continued strong demand for wood-based panels especially in furniture and construction markets.  Despite the overall reduction, very positive results were recorded in both the OSB (+4.1%) and softboard segments (+5.7%). These two applications, and indeed all wood-based panels, currently benefit from increased consumer interest in climate friendly, nature-based solutions such as wood. In this, the public is supported by EU policy initiatives including the European Green Deal, the New European Bauhaus and the Renovation Wave Strategy which were also highlighted during the press conference related to EPF advocacy.

Full results are now available in the brand new EPF Annual Report 2020/2021 which is on sale to the trade and public on the following link.

About EPF – the European Panel Federation has members in more than 32 European countries and represents the manufacturers of particleboard, MDF, OSB, hardboard, softboard and plywood.  The EU wood-based panels industry has an annual turnover of about 22 billion euro, creates over 100,000 jobs directly and counts more than 5,000 enterprises in Europe.  Contact us at