Wood Availability

Securing access to our key raw material

When defining EPF’s 5 Strategic Directions in November 2021, wood was broadly available with supply and demand, generally in balance. However, EPF was concerned about a potential imbalance from surging demand for wood as a fuel, rather than as a material (with energetic recovery value at end of life).

Following Russia’s invasion in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, this scenario became a reality – energy provision became critical in the EU, and it did not take long for wood availability to follow suit, especially recovered wood. It led us to re-formulate 3 questions:


EPF advocates for a far higher percentage (at least 60%) of Europe’s roundwood harvest to go to product use, then to be cascaded through multiple cycles, and ultimately incinerated for energy at end of material life.

In line with this Strategic Direction, EPF also aims at further working with EU institutions and policy makers to define EU standards for all wood types.

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