Annual Report

25th issue of EPF Annual Report

This year, EPF releases its 25th issue of its Annual Report.

This reference handbook for the wood-based panels industry was presented on 21-23 June, during the Annual General Meeting in Santiago de Compostela.

Printed copies and USB-card are now available for purchase. 

The Annual Report 2022-2023 (also available on USB-card) covers:

  • Facts and figures on the particleboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and plywood industries in the EPF member countries in 2022
  • Relevant data related to the WBP in other parts of the world
  • User Industries: focus on construction, furniture and flooring materials
  • Trade issues, including Customs Tariffs, updates on trade agreements, the Harmonised System and the New Combined Nomenclature
  • High-Level Advocacy
  • Environmental Topics
  • Organisation of the Federation
  • Maps showing the location of PB, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and plywood factories and country by country reports

Thanks to external and internal contributions, the AR contains 7 Special Topics:

An additional booklet is provided with the Annual Report. It gathers PB, MDF, OSB, HB/SB and plywood producers affiliated to EPF, with their product specialisation and full contact details. It also gives an overview of the national EPF member associations, the associated EPF members and the institutes collaborating with EPF.

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