Defending the industry against excessive regulation

Less can be more. Regulation of industrial process is essential, but it needs to be manageable and beneficial.

To this end we aim at working closely with regulators to achieve positive, appropriate and fair outcomes.


Members of the European Panel Federation are committed to manufacturing wood-based panels in line with the highest production standards, ensuring the industry retains its reputation for high-quality products that guarantee a safe environment for workers, customers and the public.

Since 2007, all EPF members have committed to manufacture panels at minimum formaldehyde class E1, specified in EN 300, EN 312, EN 636 and EN 622-1 as well as in EN 13986.

In addition, EPF members have taken the initiative and spearheaded the “Compulsory E1” project, with the aim of ensuring common legislation throughout Europe for the production, import and marketing of wood-based panels. At the centre of this initiative is a commitment to ensuring that production of wood-based panels remains below minimum formaldehyde levels (E1).

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