Circular Economy Action Plan

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Circular Economy Action Plan

The New Circular Economy Action Plan announces initiatives along the entire life cycle of products, targeting for example their design, promoting circular economy processes, fostering sustainable consumption, and aiming to ensure that the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible. It introduces legislative and non-legislative measures targeting areas where action at the EU level brings real added value.

The new Circular Economy Action Plan presents measures to:

  • Make sustainable products the norm in the EU;
  • Empower consumers and public buyers;
  • Focus on the sectors that use most resources and where the potential for circularity is high such as: electronics and ICT; batteries and vehicles; packaging; plastics; textiles; construction and buildings; food; water and nutrients;
  • Ensure less waste;
  • Make circularity work for people, regions and cities,
  • Lead global efforts on circular economy.

EPF, together with Zero Waste Europe, has recommended the following points under the CEAP in order to ensure circular use of harvested wood products:

  • Broaden the application of the waste hierarchy principle to wood materials
  • Stimulate the cascading use of woody biomass for better resource efficiency throughout the value chain to achieve biomass circularity
  • Ensure a level playing field by discontinuing financial incentives for biomass energy
  • Increase recycling targets for all wood wastes and facilitate waste separation
  • Facilitate sound consumption choices for wood-based products by considering substitution into the carbon accounting
  • Assess the biogenic carbon storage and substitution into wood-based materials and products for enhancing the life span of carbon sinks
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