WoodCircus is a joint project of 17 forest-based sector actors, including EPF, and part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme Coordination and Support Action Project.

On 15 July 2021, the WoodCircus White Paper: “European Woodworking Industries are the green engine of sustainable growth” was presented during the Forum Bois Construction 2021.

The paper, with its 6 Maxims, highlights how the woodworking industries are pioneers of circularity and carbon neutrality.

The different languages can be downloaded hereunder.

Livre blanc WoodCircus 2040 (French)

WoodCircus White Paper 2040 (English)

WoodCircus White Paper 2040 (Swedish)

WoodCircus White Paper 2040 (Polish)

Libro bianco 2040 di WoodCircus (Italian)

Libro Blanco de WoodCircus 2040 (Spanish)

WoodCircus witboek 2040 (Dutch)

WoodCircus-en 2040rako Liburu Zuria (Basque)

WoodCircus White Paper 2040 (Suomi)

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