Joint Position Paper on the Renovation Wave Strategy

European Panel FederationNewsJoint Position Paper on the Renovation Wave Strategy
3 November 2020 Posted by Ms Veerle Cornand News Uncategorized

In strong coalition with EFBWW (the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers), CEI-Bois (the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries), FEP (the European Federation of the Parquet Industry) and EOS (the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry), EPF warmly welcomes the publication on 14 October 2020 of the Renovation Wave Strategy: “A Renovation Wave for Europe – greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives” .

The Woodworking Industries believe that a refurbished and energy efficient EU building stock has a key role to play in the post covid-19 recovery and “new normal” by creating green jobs, revitalising regenerative growth and paving the way for the decarbonisation of one of the largest energy consumer sectors in Europe responsible for more than one third of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Wood-based solutions offer a green construction material that is renewable, recyclable and has a low fossil carbon footprint and benefits from better environmental performances in life cycle assessments than other conventional materials. Wood prefabricated solutions also offer modular possibilities to redesign and modernise buildings in a non-invasive way, for example through additional storeys or roof extensions.

“Wood-based panels are the ideal material for the New European Bauhaus, as they are climate friendly, sustainable, natural building materials”, so commented Kris Wijnendaele, EPF Technical Director.

The renovation principles set up in the Strategy should now be implemented through the National Energy & Climate Plans and Long-Term Renovation Strategies to take an important leap forward in the achievement of the objectives of the European Green Deal.


Full position paper can be found here

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