EPF PRESS RELEASE on the Launch of the New European Bauhaus

European Panel FederationNewsEPF PRESS RELEASE on the Launch of the New European Bauhaus
19 January 2021 Posted by Ms Veerle Cornand News



Launch of the New European Bauhaus


The European Panel Federation (EPF) warmly welcomes the launch today of the of the New European Bauhaus as announced in the Renovation Wave Strategy. More specifically, EPF is thrilled that, as underlines in the Renovation Wave Strategy, that “nature-based materials such as wood can play a crucial role in the design of the New European Bauhaus as they can have a double benefit: stocking carbon emissions in buildings and avoiding emissions that would have been needed to produce conventional construction materials”.

As highlighted by Clive Pinnington, EPF Managing Director: “Wood-based panels natural, sustainable, climate positive, energy efficient construction and furniture materials and therefore a perfect fit for the objectives of the New European Bauhaus”.

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira used the metaphor of the tree to describe the launch of the design phase: “we need to plant the seed to grow roots and bear the fruits”. In this respect, EPF is looking forward becoming an active partner to this very promising initiative to plant the seeds for a new European aesthetic that combines sustainability, performance with inventiveness while building back better for an inclusive recovery.

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