General Assembly

The General Assembly is the statutory body that is formally responsible for establishing the position of EPF on economical, political, technical and environmental topics that (may) have an impact on the European particleboard, MDF and OSB industries.

Managing Board

The Managing Board is in charge of the daily management of the federation and prepares the meetings of the General Assembly.

Working Group “Economic Affairs”

The main task of the Working Group is to serve as a forum for the exchange of market information between its members. The Working Group also represents the ideal forum for discussing economy-related issues, like the revision of the Combined Nomenclature and the Harmonised System, the (future) wood supply as well as the trade liberalisation efforts within the framework of the World Trade Organisation.

Working Group “Environment”

The main task of this Working Group is to discuss the present environmental issues between its members. Ad hoc groups (sub-groups) can be formed to deal with particular topics, like the ad hoc group “recycling” for the creation of an industry standard on the use of recycled wood.

Working Group “Technical Affairs”

The Technical Working Group follows up and, where necessary, steers all technical developments that (may) have an impact on the European wood-based panels industries, such as the European and international standardisation activities on wood-based panels in CEN and ISO. The Working Group advises the General Assembly when research project are required to support specific technical developments and prepares the organisation of the bi-annual European Wood-based Panels Symposium.