Strategic priority projects

European Panel FederationOverviewStrategic priority projects
  • E1 Compulsory: to achieve emission standard E1 (below 0.124 mg/m3) as the minimum compulsory regulation for wood-based panels in all Europe
  • New Standard: to develop a single, low emission standard “from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea”
  • Image / Cascade Use of Wood: to profile our industry as a model example of the Circular Economy model
  • EPF in Construction: to raise the share of panels sold into the construction sector
  • EPF for Africa: to encourage the African wood-based panels industry to look to Europe for leadership, especially on standards, products and test methods
  • Communications: to embrace new platforms and tools to bring EPF’s external and internal communications up to a higher level
  • Certification:  to present common views on certification schemes and to develop these in a reasonable and realistic manner that panel producers can support
  • Biomass: to assure that there is sufficient wood, at fair economic prices, for wood-based panels.  To secure a level playing field for raw materials not distorted by subsidies
  • EU Federations: to be recognised as a strong, effective and reliable advocacy group for the wood-based panel industry across the EU Institutions
  • Safe finances: to meet agreed annual objectives of the membership within budget
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