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EPF speaks at Birdlife Conference


“Does the Clean Energy Package come clean on Bioenergy

EPF was invited by Birdlife to speak at a conference in March on the new Renewable Energy Directive, hosted by NGOs and the Greens/EFA and S&D political parties.  The moderator was Mr Bas Eickhout, MEP. tweet.jpg

Delivering a 10 minute presentation, largely based on recommendations kindly prepared by Mr Alastair Kerr of UK Member WPIF and Chairman of EPF’s Raw Material Task Force, Clive Pinnington was able to present the position of EPF towards the Winter Package that is now under review in Parliament.  In repeating the core message from the joint EPF and EFIC Venice Declaration, Mr Pinnington called for the efficient and optimal use of biomass, for the cascade use of wood and for a level playing field free from market distortions.  He highlighted resource efficiency and the climate mitigation features of wood-based panels and called for the Renewable Energy Directive to be considered not in isolation, but rather also in the context of the Circular Economy, for which panels are an ideal example. 

The EPF message was well received, and two of the core topics were gratifyingly posted to Twitter within minutes.  NGOs and EPF share a remarkably common platform on this issue, and further co-operation is expected.   Overall, the audience largely agreed that biomass alone could not and should not deliver the EU’s increasing renewable energy targets.  These should rather be met from alternative “free” sources (e.g. wind, wave, solar) that are not currently used for existing industries or for food and agriculture.  Meanwhile biomass should be treated with great care, ensuring that it delivers maximum green house gas savings and is not just transformed quickly and inefficiently into bio-energy.




EPF speaks at HDH Conference


EPF speaks at HDH-VDM Symposium on “New Emission Regulation in USA, France and China”


Following the opening presentations by honorary guest Mr Erik Winchester, Chief Fibers & Organics Branch at the US Environmental Protection Agency, on the rules and requirements of the new Formaldehyde Regulation (TSCA) Title VI on Composite Wood Products, EPF Technical Director Kris Wijnendaele explained how the European Wood-Based Panels Industry looks for the optimum balance between consumer protection, regulation and industry on formaldehyde and VOCs. Additionally, he stressed the excellent environmental credentials of wood-based panels and all wood products in the fight against climate change and called for using more wood and wood-based panel products in building and furniture.

Other keynote speakers during this Symposium organised by the German woodworking and furniture industries federations HDH and VDM included:

  • Christiane Osthaar of EPH Dresden on “Practical Experiences as TPC with CARB Surveillance of wood-based panel producers”;
  • Marcus Kirchner of HDH on “Planned Emission-Labelling for furniture in France: Legislative context, developments and requirements”;
  • Bettina Meyer of WKI on “Formaldehyde and VOC testing (non) comparability of test methods;
  • Roberta Dessi of EFIC on the position of the European Furniture Industry on the planned French emission labelling and on new mandatory furniture standards in China.



Annual General Meeting in Porto from 28 to 30 June 2017


On behalf of EPF Chairman, Dott. Paolo Fantoni, we have the pleasure to announce that the EPF Annual General Meeting will take place on 28 to 30 June 2017 in Porto, Portugal. EPF Board member, Mr Rui Correia, and his company Sonae Arauco, S.A. will kindly host the event. All EPF meetings will be held in the Porto Palácio Congress Hotel.

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EPF for Africa


EPF for Africa is one of the new 5 cornerstones of our Federation.The goal is to ensure that the African panels market looks at the EU for leadership as well as to promote EU standards, testing and methods.





EPF and EFIC signed the Venice Declaration during EPF's Annual General Meeting in Venice, 6-8 July 2016


On the occasion of EPF’s Annual General Meeting in Venice on 7th & 8th July, and in the presence of MEP 
Simona Bonafè, MEP David Borrelli, Mr Carlo Mari Medaglia of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, 
captains of the European panel industry and their suppliers, the Chairman and President of the Composite
 Panel Association of North America and members of the trade press, Dottore Paolo Fantoni, Chairman EPF, 
and Mr Markus Wiesner, Chairman EFIC, co-signed the ‘Venice Declaration on Cascading Use of Wood’.

This landmark document presents the views of the European wood-based panels industry, supported 
by the European furniture industry towards the Circular Economy, and in particular the concept of the 
cascading use of wood. The declaration is a two page appeal to European Institutions and governments 
to embrace and promote the multiple or “cascade” use of wood, especially for material products such 
as panels and furniture.  This is considered to be the best way to make optimum use of this valuable 
resource for Europe.  Click on the title to read more.

Club du Bois meetings on 20 and 21 October 2015


Club du Bois, 20-21 October, European Parliament, Brussels

The European Panel Federation (EPF), the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) and the European 
Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEI-Bois), supported by the European Federation of the Parquet Industry 
(FEP), organised the 2nd Club du Bois meeting under the chairwomanship of Mrs Maria Noichl, MEP, on 21st October 
2015 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

For the full report, please click here.

EPF Annual General Meeting 2015 in Vienna, Austria, from 24 to 26 June 2015


This year’s Annual General Meeting of the European Panel Federation was held from 24 to 26 June

in Vienna, the hometown of our Honorary President Mr Ladislaus Döry, to celebrate the end of his 
decade long Presidency. The meetings were held at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance 
Vienna Hotel, ideally located close to the Belvedere Castle and the city centre offering excellent 
accommodation and meeting facilities at very reasonable costs.